Our commitment

BEHANDI guarantees a service adapted to your desires and your needs

Be Handi offers trips in keeping with disabled people (Sensory-mental-psychical). These stays can take place individually or in groups in France or abroad and with a personalized attendant during your vacations. We prepare our stays depending on your expectations. Choose the departure and arrival (home, train station, airport…) the type of guidance you desire not to mention the destination you wish to discover. We handle the rest and adapt your project to your budget.

Accessibility is priority

Our tailor-made stays are designed to be in keeping with your expectations. Finding adapted accommodations and transports but also visiting areas and accessible restaurants, this is all part of our daily life.

Attentive to you

We are all ears when it’s about your stay which suits you best, whether it’s in France or abroad, with or without an attendant, on the mountains, sea…


During the stays, you can join us 24/7.

Quality accompanying

Our attendants present during your entire stay are there to help you with your everyday gestures: waking up in the morning-baths-helping during meals-driving…accompanying is a profession: they are paid according to the law.

Guaranteeing the best price.

Due to our concern for value for money, we work without any intermediary to adapt with your budget. The stays are tailor-made depending on your choices on the form.